Dear artists,


The International Artist Residency “Pedvāle” had announced an open call with the following application deadlines: Applications for 2020 spring/summer months (April, May, June, July, August) was March 27 and for 2020 autumn/winter months (September, October, November, December) it was May 29.

Due to the state of emergency caused by the COVID 19 virus and travel bans, these deadlines have now been cancelled. We are also currently removing the requirement to pay a deposit for applying for the Residency.

However, during this time, we invite artists to submit their applications describing their creative intentions at Pedvāle Residence by sending them to We will evaluate and compile applications by creating a list of interested parties. As soon as the situation in the world stabilizes, we will primarily inform those whose applications we have received by providing access to the Residency services for artists at the desired time.

We will also continue to maintain contact with the artists who had already applied and withdrew their applications due to the spread of COVID 19.

Let’s not allow the creative spirit cease in this difficult time!