Open call 2020

The International Artist Residency Pedvale is now officially accepting applicants for our inaugural 2020 Residency program. There are no specific theme for this year.
Pedvale Art Park & Artist Residency is located two hours northwest of Riga.
The territory of the Art Park covers an area of almost 100 hectares with a diverse landscape – meadows, bushes, steep slopes, deep valleys, springs, streams and a winding river. It is an ideal place for artists from a variety of creative domains to express themselves by using the artists’ residencies and park areas for exhibitions, concerts, shows and for other artistic expressions that are accessible to the wider public.
The concept of the Art Park is the integration of natural landscape, cultural heritage and art into a single environment. It is a place where a creative idea can both be developed and realized in accordance with the scenic environment and as a result can become an integral part of this environment. The artists participating in the Pedvale creative projects are encouraged to get inspiration from the surrounding area and to use the natural materials available there.
Residency offers a studio/exhibition and outdoor space to artists, activists, and progressive thinkers, as well as fully-equipped lodging and gathering spaces for collaborators and guests.

Duration of residency

We offer different lengths of residencies from one week up to three months. Artists willing to stay for one month or longer are our priority. We can accommodate up to 9 artists at the same time.


Artists stay in our refurbished manor house – built at the beginning of the 19th century – in fully-furnished private bedrooms and they have access to the kitchen, common areas, laundry, Pedvale Art Park grounds, car parking etc.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The Residency is open to visual artists, writers, performers and myriad creative individuals. Artists must self-fund the travel and specific materials or equipment but we can provide assistance for the necessary arrangements.

Studio / Workspace

Studios can be used as private or shared. We offer 4 studious on the ground floor of the manor house ~30 square meters each and 3 smaller ones in the basement. Artists have 24 hour access to the workspace. It is possible to work outside in the sculpture park as well. Artists are responsible for supplying their own materials. The residency fee varies depending on the workspace – private or shared.

Fees and support

The artist’s fee is €470 per month. A deposit of € 200 is requested when the applicant receives the acceptation of the candidature. The balance is due no later than one month before the sojourning begins. Every participant can bring along one family member or partner that will cost 50% of the price. The residency fee is intended to cover the general cost of running the program and the maintenance of historic building that is under the protection of the National Heritage Board.We do not offer grants, stipends or other economical support. We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding in their home country/institution, by providing letters of recommendation when the candidature is accepted.

Expectations towards the artist

We invite artists to present themselves and their work to the local community. The Residency also offers a possibility to teach a public workshop, to perform or make an exhibition during the residency. But none of the above is mandatory and we will discuss this matter with every artist personally.

Application information

Applicants shall apply by email with an open application.Applicants shall submit:

  • an artist CV and a resume
  • a proposal letter
  • the preferred time for the residency
  • samples of their work.

Residents are selected by our committee. All the applicants will be informed personally.The applications can be sent to: