About the site

In 2018, at Pedvale the implementation of the project “The Magnets of Cultural Heritage and Art Creativity of Jacob’s Road” (project No. was started within the framework of the specific support objective No.5.5.1. “To preserve, protect and develop a significant cultural and natural heritage, as well as to develop related services” under the ERDF Operational Programme “Growth and Jobs”.

The aim of the project is to preserve, protect and develop the legacy of architectural and historical heritage of National significance based on the development programmes of Kuldiga, Talsi and Alsunga municipalities by creating there new services, thus ensuring sustainable development, full use of the potential of the place and economic viability.

Within the framework of the project, the construction and restoration works of the Masters’ house of Fircks-Pedvale Manor have been carried out in order to ensure the work of the International Artist Residency “Pedvale” throughout the year. The total cost of the Project is EUR 1,298,913.02, of which EUR 750,000 is the ERDF financing and EUR 548,913.02 is the co-financing of Talsi District municipality.

At Fircks-Pedvale Manor rooms for living, creative work, as well as exhibitions and workshops have been created.

The International Artist Residency “Pedvale” will start operating in the renovated Master’s house of Fircks-Pedvale Manor in April 2020. More information about the services of the Residency and availability of premises can be obtained by writing to the e-mail address pedvale@pedvale.lv.