An exhibition is on view

An exhibition of granite sculptures by Ojārs Feldbergs can be seen in the forecourt of the masters’ house of Fircks-Pedvale Manor. 25 sculptures have been created during different periods of time and are dedicated to both the theme of nature and landscape, and philosophical concepts.

The sculptor tells about his artwork:„While still studying sculpture at the Academy of Arts, I started developing my artistic style. I liked nature, natural processes and philosophical notions. I thought about them a lot, made sketches and chiselled them in the stone. I had developed my own thinking method that was expressed by the formula – space, mass, cognition. I did not want to freeze my thoughts in realistic stone images, but rather create signs and symbols in which it would be possible to recognize different images that have stirred up emotions in me and will continue to do it to an attentitive observer of the sculptures.”

This exhibition is free of charge.

The forecourt is improved within the project “Public Outer Space of Fircks-Pedvale Manor” within the EDFCD Latvian Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020, under the sub-measure “Implementation of activities according to the work of community-led local development strategy”.