European Cultural Heritage Days at Pedvale

Within the European Cultural Heritage Days of 2018 the Open-air Art Museum at Pedvale offered an excursion “Fircks-Pedvale Manor – the Transition” on September 15.

The participants of the excursion had a possibility to familiariaze themselves withthe history of Fircks-Pedvale Manor with the help of visual materials as well as observe the reconstruction process at the present stage.

As told by the head of the National Heritage Board of Latvia, Juris Dambis, the European Heritage Days is one of the most beautiful and most widely celebrated events dedicated to cultural heritage all across Europe. Latvia has taken part in the tradition of discovering, celebrating and valuing cultural heritage since 1995. A theme is chosen every year. This year`s theme is the creation and development of the Republic of Latvia, by dividing European Cultural Heritage Days’ objects in 7 conceptual groups – The Idea of the State; Fighting for Freedom; Formation of the State and Self-Confidence; Preserving the Spirit of Independence and Freedom During the Occupation; The National Awakening and the Restoration of the State; Restoration of the State and its Role on International Arena un Big Dreams.

Pedvale as part of the Abava Valley protected cultural-historical area was included in the group – Restoration of the State and its Role on International Arena.