Nine Sunsets

From March 11 to April 30, an exhibition of Baiba Sprance’s paintings “Nine Sunsets” can be seen in the exhibition hall of the International Artists’ Residence.

„I am interested in light as moving energy and sbustance. These qualities make light visible and portrayable in colours. The ability of light to transform reality is powerful and comprehensive; it completely changes the chemistry of spaces and feelings. When the eyes meet with the flow of backlighting, it creates a pecurial optical effect – an illusion of motion of colours, bright and elusive, bordering with non-being. It is only possible to look in the direction of the sun for a long time when it is close to the horizon, where the atmospheric layers create a more favourable filter for the human eye. Sunset paintings show the effect of backlighting, a different optical movement each time, which is why these paintings can be called sunset portraits. The attempt to portray non-portrayable phenomena is simultaneously intriguing and liberating, and it tests the degree of purity and persistence of my characters,” writes Baiba Sprance.