Project “Public Outer Space of Fircks-Pedvale Manor” under implementation

The Association “Pedvāle” has been implementing the project “Public Outer Space of Fircks-Pedvale Manor” within the EDFCD Latvian Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020, under the sub-measure “Implementation of activities according to the work of community-led local development strategy”.

The project aims to develop the area around the Fircks-Pedvale Masters’ House by providing walking paths for the local community and the site visitors, who will be able to observe both the architectural monument of national importance and the decorative plantations and cultural events that take place in the public outer space.

One of the problems of a modern man is alienation from nature. The loss of the connection with nature decreases the level of the human imaginative thinking and creativity. The goal of the project “Public Outer Space of Fircks-Pedvale Manor” is to create a meditative place for people to reflect on nature and themselves. In order to achieve this goal, the manor’s front yard and courtyard are being set up.