A commemorative event for Andrus Joonas

On Saturday, 3 June, a commemorative event dedicated to the Estonian artist Andrus Joonas (1970-2021) was held in Pedvāle Art Park. It was attended by guests from Latvia and Estonia – his relatives, friends, colleagues.

Musician Arvis Kantiševs performed at the event with a voice and sound improvisation. Art associates of Andrus Joonas – Mari Kartau, Meeland Sepp, Taave Tuutma, Kaarel Kütas, Mari Perkup – gave a performance, painting a canvas together with those present, and marched through Pedvāle Art Park, but at the end of the performance they burned the canvas in the place where Andrus Joonas performed on Midsummer night in 2005.

On this day, the audience was also shown a video material, which summarises the brightest moments of Andrus Joonas’ performances in Pedvāle Art Park. The video was created in cooperation with the Latvian Performance Art Center. The exhibition “Message to the Future” can be viewed until 25 June in the exhibition hall of Pedvāle Art Park.