Exhibition “The ignored Poetry of Slowness”

An exhibition by the artist Athanasia Karampela (Greece) “The ignored Poetry of Slowness”  can be seen in the exhibition hall of the International Artists’ Residency from 20 July  to 9 August.

Athanasia Karampela tells: „A way to deepen into a scene would be to start with silence, from the point where the dialogue is cut off. Slowness intervenes into silence and stabilises the poetic flow for a moment, in order to observe the parodic and include it into the eternal.

My works seek to embrace an environment of silence and suggestive scenography, where serenity emerges out of acceptance of the inevitable. It is about a poetic daydream that sets free a sphere of pure idealisation, which idealises nothing and is free from the burden of passions and desires.

Two different chronicles abolish motion. Figures immobilise the movement, visualising time and silence. Slowness on its part remotes those moving elements which direct poetic approaches of the visible. Thus, realistic compositional forms coexist with allegorical scenes, as if the unwritten music of completeness or freedom. They all conclude to a poetic picture, that has its own happiness, whatever the drama to be depicted is.

This picture is only possible where there is slow pace, since poetry maintains the richness of minimum, the intimate and enigmatic components of the visual world”.

Photo Zigmārs Šteins and Ojārs Feldbergs.