A New Environmental Art Object Under Development

At Pedvale an environmental art object “Boat” will be created by Carl Billingsley (USA).

At the beginning of August 2018, the sculptor visited Pedvale to undertake preparatory work for the intended environmental art object – the location of the object was set up and the stones needed for work were looked for and delivered.

The sculptor has been inspired by the devil’s boat at Bilavi he had visited in the Talsi region several years ago. It is a burial place from the Bronze Age characteristic to the Scandinavians. Devil’s boats used to be built from big granite stones, placed upright, with the stack ends and “boat’s” rowlock spots being marked with particularly large stones. Carl Billingsley maintains a reference to the cultural heritage in his upcoming environmental art object while at the same time he will use modern materials, gabion meshes, thus creating an art work in which prehistory meets the contemporary time, creating space for various procedural art activities.