Wooden Sculpture Exhibition by Ojārs Feldbergs

At Sabile, at the Museum of Wooden Toys a wooden sculpture exhibition by Ojārs Feldbergs can be seen “The Moon Lying in a Lake”.

The artist is telling about the concept of this exhibition: “I am fascinated by nature, and I like natural materials. I acquired timber when taking care of the landscape of Pedvāle, and the sawed-off tree trunks, their branches and bushes prompted me to create sculptures out of them.
I often think about trees – how they are born, grow and die. How they sow seeds being concerned about their offspring, how they coexist with each other and struggle seeking the sun. And I cannot stop wondering about both their ability to stretch towards the sky and the force that stops this stretching.
I think about the lifecycle, about the beginning and the end, about roots and the tip, and the tree-trunk between them that during its lifetime, year after year, has been plumping and collecting yearly circles.
When a tree dies, its trunk is sawn off and it turns into a log. Thus I decided to use the obtained logs as sculpture images for land, fields, arable land, meadows by composing them together with branches, creating fog, rain, snow, the sun, the moon, rivers and the sea.”