Closure of August’s creative activities

On 29 August, guests gathered in Pedvale Art Park for the closure the creative activities of August. Together, we walked around the new exhibition of sculptures in Pedvāle Art Park and became acquainted of the created resulting of the August programme of the International Artist Residency: artist Seve Favre (Switzerland) worked in various graphic techniques during the residency, artist Sanneke Griepink (the Netherlands) created drawings in pastel technique. In addition, from 12 to 29 August, an exhibition of drawings by artist Sung Min Hwa (Republic of Korea) “Behind” was on display in the exhibition hall of the International Artist Residency. Lee Tong-q, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Latvia, honoured the event with his presence. A beautiful concert of the closure of the event was performed by the Bell Ensemble “Campanella” from Liepāja.

The Association “Pedvāle” thanks the Ministry of Culture for the financial support provided for the implementation of the event.