The German-Latvian artists’ collective “Mycelia” at Pedvale Artist Residency

On Saturday, 23 September 2023, an open creative day was held in the exhibition hall and artists’ studios of the Pedvale Art Residence for the German-Latvian artists’ exhibition ” Mycelia. Netting”. Visitors to the exhibition saw the work of 11 female artists, took part in a spiritualism séance led by artist Sabine Schlunk, took part in an automatic drawing workshop with Silke Bachmann and a Japanese ink painting masterclass with Karin Fröhlich. The event also celebrated the launch of Womanifesta, a self-published artists’ book that aims to help stimulate new networks of creative women.  Artist Patricia Lincke also invited guests to join the ” Mycelia” network with her snapshot campaign “Join us!”.  At the end of the evening, guests sat down at the “Table Talk ” to enjoy a five-round conversation on survival strategies for creative people, following Penelope Richardson’s guidance.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 until 30 September.

The artists represented in the exhibition are Silke Bachmann, Karin Fröhlich, Patricia Lincke, Penelope Richardson, Sabine Schlunk from Munich and Gundega Evelone, Laura Feldberga, Rasa Jansone, Guna Millersone, Ingrīda Pičukāne and Sandra Strēle from Latvia.  Curator Laura Feldberga. Set design and installation by Gundega Evelone. Public activities programme – Diāna Popova.

The artists are staying at Pedvāle Art Residency from 18 September to 1 October, working on individual and collective art projects, trying out new art techniques such as eco-printing fabrics or making paper out of mushrooms, as well as going on expeditions to explore local history and culture in the Talsi municipality.

For a warm welcome and interesting stories gratitude is owed to specialists of the Talsi Municipality Museum, Guna Millersone and Inga Pētersone, Sabile history researcher Iveta Sēruma, clay masters Diāna Dzelme and Nauris Galviņš from Ciparnīca Tals’ Keramika, artist Andris Vītols, local historian and Nurme Manor guide Aldis Denčiks, a representative of Nurme Church.

“Mycelia” collective was also visited by art curators from Riga – Jana Kukaine, Kristiāna Kārkliņa and Zane Zajančkauska – to participate in Gundega Evelone’s transformative performance “Apocalyptic Bath” and to discuss possible future cooperation opportunities.

The creative residency “Mycelia Supervivo” and the exhibition are supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, Goethe-Institut Riga, the Department of Art and Culture of the City of Munich and the Municipality of Talsi.

Photo: Foto: Dainis Kārkluvalks, Diāna Popova