Environmental Art Object “99 + 1 = 100”

Marking the centenary of Latvia, in Pedvale Art Park an environmental art object by Ojārs Feldbergs “99 + 1 = 100” is being created.

The environmental art object is made of one main boulder which weighs 15 tons and is 3 metres high. It is installed on Brinki Hill at Pedvale Art Park. The stone symbolizes the idea of Latvia, its time and life. 100 places have been prepared in it for hanging small stones, which symbolize 100 years of Latvia.

The environmental art object is being created in the framework of the campaign “Word Giving” (translator’s note: Latvian word play meaning also “casting a spell” as in witchcraft), wherein the residents of the Talsi region are involved. It began on 18 September and will last until 18 November, the centenary celebration date. The participants of the campaign form a united group, holding to a cord, climb Brinki Hill at Pedvale Art Park. There, each participant chooses one of the prepared stones, which they hang at the main stone and give the small stone a name. Each small stone symbolizes one year of Latvia’s hundred years. In this way, the of environmental art object “99 + 1 = 100” is created jointly.

The environmental art object “99 + 1 = 100” will become part of the permanent exhibition of Pedvale Art Park and will be viewable at Pedvale Art Park for a long time after this important event for Latvia, inviting every visitor to reflect on the past and contemplate its future.