Exhibition “Faces of Eve”

December is the time when Eves celebrate their name’s day. On 17 December, at 1:00 p.m. in Pedvāle Art Park, in the exhibition hall of the International Artists’ Residency, the exhibition of drawings by the American artist Kenneth Payne “Faces of Eve” was opened, and the music was performed by a jazz trio – singer Julianna Tīruma, guitarist Svens Vilsons and bassist Toms Kursītis. The programme included contemporary jazz compositions as well as traditional jazz standards.

Artist Kenneth Payne tells: “Eve was the first woman. What it means to be a woman in various societies and various times has changed drastically. Some cultures have been matriarchal, in some women have had equal rights. In some they have been oppressed, or worse. In many places this type of thinking continues. The pursuit of women’s rights has been an ongoing challenge. “Eve” has had to wear many faces.

The concept of this exhibition was to create a series of drawing of imposing female nudes that all stood 2.4 m tall. I wanted these drawings, tall and narrow to stand like columns around the room dominating the viewer’s space. I wanted the viewer to be confronted with these imposing, unapologetic, figures to be confronted with their own ideas and beliefs, to be cajoled into reflecting on their own reactions to the nude figures around them.

I created this exhibition by selecting drawings and partial sketches from my various sketch books.

I scanned these drawings into my computer then printed them out on normal size computer paper so that I could modify, change, rework and finish the sketches. Redrawing some areas and finishing or changing details in others. I then rescanned them and worked on the computer with the color and contrast. Some were printed again and reworked a second or a third time. The original drawings varied in size from approximately 15 cm to 45 cm. I then had to scale the height and width of the drawings so that they would all print out at 2.4 m tall.

They were printed on archival paper with archival ink. They are all at once drawings, photographs, and prints. I hope you enjoy viewing the many faces of Eve.”

Speaking of musicians, Julianna Tīruma initially studied classical music in depth, while at the same time becoming aware of gospel music, which grew into jazz music studies. The singer actively works on original music in both r&b and gospel genres, and also performs with blues, jazz, r&b, pop and gospel compositions. Svens Vilsons is not only an excellent guitarist, but also writes versatile, colorful compositions. He is currently performing with the group “Dream teller” and in the project “Ziemeļnieks”. Toms Kursītis is a versatile and talented bassist and has participated in various musical projects as a singer and actor.