Sculpture ensemble “Landscape of Latvia”

This year, the sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs celebrates his 75th birthday, and in the Pedvāle Art Park, in a specially created place on a hill surrounded by a diverse natural landscape, the installation of the sculpture exhibition “Landscape of Latvia” has begun.

The sculpture ensemble will consist of sculptures that represent the landscape of Latvia — “Oak”, “Meadow”, “Birch Grove”, “Field”, “Frozen River”, “Threshing Barn”, “Lake”, “Orchard”, “Forest” in interaction with natural phenomena — “Morning Clouds”, “Lightning Entangled in Clouds”, “Rain Cloud”, “Snowfall”, “Wind”, “Rainbow” — as well as “The Sun — Morning, Day, Evening” and “The Moon”. The ensemble of sculptures is integrated into the existing natural landscape and will be perceived as a work of art in the process, watching the sculptures carved in granite boulders and observing the surrounding nature, perceiving its development in seasonal processes and the rhythm of the day.

At the moment, visitors of the park can view the sculptures “Meadow”, “Field”, “Lake”, “The Sun — Morning, Day, Evening” and “Rain Cloud”, “Birch Grove” by Ojārs Feldbergs. The exhibition will be supplemented with other planned sculptures in the next few years.