Exhibition “Where do you wish to sit down?”

On 23 July, an exhibition of objects and installations “Where do you wish to sit down?” was opened in the International Artists’ Residency Pedvale. At the opening, pianist Artūrs Liepiņš played four Mazurkas by Frédéric Chopin. The exhibition can be viewed till 30 July.

Artists Athanasia Karampela (Greece) and Jennifer Bockelman (USA) have spent 3 weeks of creative work at the International Artists’ Residency Pedvale, which has resulted in the creation of the exhibition “Where do you wish to sit down?”.

The installation work “Where do you wish to sit down?” by Athanasia Karampela invites people to determine the perspectives of their life viewpoint, by either following the illusionistic indulgence of the material world, or the hard, but humble path of morality and mental freedom. By mixing together fairy-tale poetry with academic realism, and using a wall tapestry embroidery and ready made items, the artist attempts to arise questions as to what is true in this world we live in.

In turn, personal travel notes by Athanasia Karampela are exhibited in the library room. Images, drawings and cut-outs inspired mostly by the Latvian nature and traditions, take place in the book shelves there. Here again the works of Athanasia Karampela seem to unfold peculiar stories that tend to moderate the rational mind and demean the arrogance of the today’s “All knowing” man.

The series of objects “Imaginal Stages” by Jennifer Bokelman. 3 sculptures that depict the development of a living being from a cocoon. A caterpillar, which has its own form and structure, incarnates to become a butterfly – a completely new form and structure. In a similar manner, an idea incarnates and, through the artist’s creative work in the creative room, is born in a new form.