Theater of Drawings in Pedvāle

In June, Varis Klausītājs, the founder, director and actor of the Theater of Drawings, stayed at the International Artists’ Residency. On  18 June, the spectators had the opportunity to participate in the engaging drawing show “Those who are Sad and Learning of the World” – a poetic musical chamber performance about sadness.

Varis Klausītājs talks about the idea of the show: “This is a global topic, because sadness can be found everywhere every day. The show is for children and parents, because this is a fundamental feeling that no one has avoided, and therefore it is important to experience and get to know it. Rūta Briede’s story about a dog who found sadness is the basis for inspiration. ”

The Theater of Drawings was founded in 2008 and is characterized by a unique theatrical form that combines drawing on stage, music, dance and acting.