Exhibition “Winter Sun”

During the darkest time of the year an exhibition dedicated to the winter sun and light has been created in the renovated masters’ house of Fircks-Pedvāle Manor. Bright, expressive works of art, with lots of light, sun, warmth and some darker and closer to winter moods, too. Next to the paintings, some graphic works may also be viewed, with colour as an important notion. The exhibition features artwork by Agnija Ģērmane, Elga Grīnvalde, Helēna Heinrihsone, Ojārs Feldbergs, Silvija Meškone, Baiba Sprance, Zigurds Poļikovs, Aigars Truhins and by other authors.

The paintings and graphics on display in the exhibition are part of the Pedvāle Art Park collection. The works of art have mainly become the collection after plein airs and symposiums that have taken place in Pedvāle since 1993. Some of the works on display in the exhibition have been specially donated to Pedvāle by the artists.

The exhibition is dedicated to the time of the winter solstice, when the dark hours become long, and every ray of light and sun becomes important and preservable.

The exhibition is open to individual visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00. The entrance fee for adults is 1.50 EUR and for pupils, students, pensioners 0.50 EUR. Free of charge for preschool children.