July at the Artists’ Residency

On 24 July, those interested had an opportunity to visit the International Artists’ Residency “Pedvāle” to get acquainted with the artists living in the Residency in July.

Artist from Finland Yasmine Pekonen gave a master class in art therapy. During the masterclass 10 residents of Talsi region had the opportunity to get acquainted with a therapeutic art diary and learn the principles and techniques for creating it. The daily habit of creating an art diary can be a particularly useful tool to bring clarity in our lives. It can make us aware of internal patterns of behavior in a whole new way. The daily practice of creating art can also reveal to us the transformations of our psyche as they arise.

During her July residency, the Polish artist Iza Moczarna-Pasiek delved into Latvian folklore and paid special attention to the feminine aspects in  it. At the end of the residency, on 24 July, at the foot of Pedvāle Idol Lime-tree, she delivered a performance “Down to Earth”.

In turn, the artist Lisa Vipola from Sweden created shaman tools during the residency – drum and a drumstick, rattle, staff and others. On  24 July, the artist opened the door of her workshop and everyone had the opportunity to watch the process of creating tools, look at the finished things and talk to the artist. Lisa Vipola stayed at the artists’ residency with financial support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.