Millstone to the legendary hero Ojārs

There is a special cemetery in the Cīruļi cemetery of Talsi region, in Ģibuļi parish. The installed tombstone tells that Ojārs, the hero of the Nation’s power legends, rests there. We know about this historical person today thanks to the story of Ansis Lerhs – Puškaitis.

Historically, a millstone had been installed near this grave. There are several versions of its origin: that Ojārs himself had rolled it up to the place to mark his desired grave site, that it was erected on the 100th birthday of Ansis Lerhs-Puškaitis, or that Imants Ziedonis once erected it. But for many years now, Ojārs millstone has disappeared without a trace.

The sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs, celebrating his name day, often goes the Cīruļi cemetery to commemorate the said mythical strongman and had paid attention to the millstone issue. This year, with the support of the Imants Ziedonis Foundation “Viegli”, a millstone was installed on 11 November, on the name day of all Ojārs’. May it decorate the resting place of the legendary strongman of Talsi region for a long time!